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The rehearsal schedule for 2017 terms is here.

Term 4 2017

17 OctChurchSibelius I, IV, III //* Sibelius II, Lilburn(all), Tomasi
24 OctHallLilburn, Sibelius III // Sibelius II, Tomasi
31 OctHallSibelius IV // Sibelius III, I
7 Nov(sectionals: strings in Hall**)Lilburn, Tomasi // Sibelius (I-IV)
14 NovChurchSibelius I, IV // Lilburn
21 NovChurchTomasi (with soloist from 7.50pm) // Sibelius III, II
28 NovChurchSibelius II, Lilburn // Tomasi (with soloist)
5 DecChurchLilburn, Sibelius I, III // Sibelius IV, Tomasi (with soloist)
Friday 8 Dec (7.30pm)ChurchDress rehearsal (concert order at this stage)
Sunday 10 Dec, 2.30pmChurchConcert
* // = tea break, ** with Andrew Joyce

  • Please be at rehearsal ready to tune at 7.25pm, so that rehearsal can start at 7.30pm.
  • When the Leader stands to tune please be quiet. This signals that they are ready for the orchestra to tune up. Wait for the oboe to give an A. The Leader will tune the orchestra in the order of brass, woodwind, strings. Sections not being tuned should be silent.
  • Please only tune quietly so that others can hear their own note. String players, initially tune your A only. When the Leader sits down you may then (and not before) tune your other strings quietly.
  • Please keep any relevant conversation to a minimum and then only speak softly; and refrain from talking especially while the conductor is addressing the orchestra or any section.
  • At the end of rehearsal please help to put the music stands and chairs away. This must always be done.
  • If you are unable to attend rehearsal please contact your section leader to record your apology.